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Tricks Tips
                                           "No matter how hard the trick is or how rough the
                                               fall is, get up do the trick again or go home with
                                                  your head down"   - Josh Miller (a.k.a. Kasper)

This trick is like walking, if you can't do it your screwed.  Oka first position your feet
pop the board and slide your front foot up and land it


Put your feet were you would to do an ollie exept your front front heel should hang off the board a little bit more, then pop the tail, flick you front foot off the concave part of your board. Lift your feet up high enough to give your board room to flip. The board should have one complete flip. When you see the grip tape right side up catch it then slam your feet and board to the ground. Now roll away and clap your hands.

Pop shuv-it

Put your feet like an ollie, but your back foot on the toe end of the tail. Pop the board and push your back foot behind you and your front foot toward the front of you, when you see that the board has done a full 180 catch the board with your feet  and slam your foot and board towad the ground, roll away and give your self a pat on the back.


First put your front footlike an ollie(some variations),with your heel in the middle of the board and your toes slightly off.  Its just the opposite of a kickflip, instead of sliding your front toes to the heel of your nose, u slide your heel to the toe of the nose persay heelflip.  Watch the board flip under your sprawling legs and catch it after one flip.  Stomp down, and roll away.